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Sneaker Freak- DJ Capital’s Sneaker Collection

Words by Azola Mona

Photography by Manqoba Lephoko

From as far back as we can remember, hip hop, basketball and sneaker culture have always gone hand in hand, so it comes as no surprise that our current sneaker freak Siyaboga Sibeko, aka DJ Capita,l has quite the love for kicks. Not only is he one of the top Hip Hop DJ’s in the country, the “On Me” DJ is notoriously known for his “groundies”, his inclination to drop his top as well as the fact that “Shirt-Off-Cap” is likely to have a fresh pair of sneakers on. I got the chance to check out his collection and pick his brain about his love for kicks.

Q: How did you get into the sneaker game?

I got into it in grade 6, I started playing basketball from when I was 11 and I was always into these cool kicks. I guess from then, the love never died.

Q: What’s your definition of a sneakerhead and would you consider yourself one?

I would describe a sneakerhead as someone who lives and dies for sneakers; someone who’ll choose to stand in the blistering cold, overnight to get an exclusive drop; someone who is somewhat obsessed. I love sneakers, but I definitely wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a head.

Q: How would you describe your taste in sneakers?

I’m a fan of classic sneakers. Basketball shoes will always have a close place to my heart because of my history with the game.

Q: I see from the gram that you’re quite the Nike fanatic. They recently celebrated Air Max day, what would you say your favourite Air Max offering is and why?

I have a pair of Air Max Ultra’s. I dig those because of the interchangeable anklets and the exclusivity; there are only 50 odd pairs of them in the country.

Q: Give me a brief overview of your current sneaker collection?

Well, my collection is majority Nike – over 95%. I have a strong love for Air Force Ones, so I have a variation of those. Hi, lows, plains and some over the top. I have quite a few Jordan’s and Dunks too. My collection is also mainly high tops.

Q: What would you say your favourite sneaker is at the moment?

Probably my tan and cerise pink Air Force One. I copped those in London 2 years ago and I’m yet to see anyone else with them.

Q: What are the top 3 kicks you’d love to add to your collection?

Jordan 18’s, Nike Foamposite and Jordan 4’s.

Q: What would you say is the most notable or rare sneaker you own?

I own a pair of 2014 Nike Hyperdunks. It was a sample, so nobody else has that colourway in the African continent and very few people have it in the world.

Q: How many sneakers do you own in total?

About 50.

Q: Where would you say your passion for sneakers comes from?

Definitely from my love of basketball and being fly in general. Also, there’s no greater feeling than rocking a fresh pair for the first time.

Q: Can you tell me about the craziest thing you’ve done to get your hands on a pair of kicks?

I’ve never really done anything over the top to get a pair of kicks.

Q: Any last words of advice to young sneakerheads/collectors on building their own collections?

Do it for yourself. Buy what you like and not to impress the next person.


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