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Stogie T’s Freestyle Friday is a feast of rap flair

Stogie T began his weekly dose of freestyling a verse on his social media on the 6th March and nothing was the same. If you’re familiar, you’d know his pen is second to none in SA, so serving up lyrics like “Niggas blow their own horn, Ornette Coleman/ But can’t tell the pretty Tonys from the Sosas” was a feast for the fans.

The next week came with a new verse, and applying pressure became the standard as Quickfass Cass also jumped in with a verse of his own for what had become a challenge.

As the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic settled in SA, the verses took more of a sombre tone. “Milan looked like the Great War, or Japan after the napalm/ You trying hard to stay calm but panic from a faint cough” were the lyrics that delivered the gravity of the pandemic.

Week after week, Stogie not only upped the ante, but also had some notable names in the SA hip hop landscape put in their the best verses for the challenge. As KidX, Touchline, and YoungstaCPT threw their hats in the ring for the fourth iteration of the challenge, he also featured Oswin Benjamin from the other side of the Atlantic.

As he continues the challenge for the weeks to come, feast your ears on what he’s delivered thusfar; Ginger Trill jumps in, Moozlie jumps in, Captain FS gets a verse in there, Ras shows his mettle.

The latest version has a veteran step in to the mix. When was the last time you heard Slikour spit a verse? Yugen Blackrok, Gigi Lamayne, Illamin, Blaklez, and Kid Tini all get a shot in this week’s edition and the last O.G. passes the baton to the next generation of hard hitters with an exercise of lyrical dexterity and a feast of rap flair. Twas a Good Friday indeed.

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