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Streetwear Trends: A/W17

Words By Lesedi Ramonyane

The shift towards streetwear has seen it evolving into more than just another seasonal trend. They say less is more but sometimes more is more. And the latter is truly the case this winter. If your winter wardrobe still leaves much to be desired here’s some inspiration to keep you cosy for when the temperature drops really low.

Faux the Love of the Game

They say you need to fake it ‘til you make it. Migos has a chart-topping anthem to support it so it only makes sense to channel your inner baddie this season in some [faux] fur. A luxe companion in millennial pink is the standard go-to that you can find in stores across the country and the interwebs. If pastels aren’t your cup of tea, emerald greens, leopard print and a range of multi-coloured numbers are also on offer to make sure you look like the most expensive version of yourself this winter.

Statement hoodies/Sweatshirts

Dressing down is the new dressing up. The hoodie that was once bound to the confines of your home is widely accepted everywhere else too. Go retro in a thrifted Calvin Klein number or opt for an oversized one over a pair of ankle boots. Now you can rest assured that stealing your boy’s hoodie is no longer limited to comfort but in the name of fashion – a just cause. Accessorize with a pair of oversized transparent or colour-tinted frames and you’re ready to go.


From dresses to tracksuits, velvet is arguably one of the textures of the season. Ditch black for shades of blue, yellow, burgundy or green. Don’t be afraid to layer up different pieces because ‘more is more’ this season, choose contrasting tones to create a look that won’t restrict you to a night-time look. Reminiscent of Balenciaga’s Speed Trainer, the sock boot has even received a velvet update so there’s no excuse to not give it a try.

Tracksuit Mafia

Athleisure is here to stay for yet another season. So if you’ve managed to miss the boat after all this time here is your chance to stay equally stylish and warm this winter. Whether you believe it’s a lifestyle or simply another trend, your options to try yourself out are endless. You can choose to be the Champion of the match, be elite in Ellesse, support local in DEAD. or look retro in Kappa. The beauty of this trend is that you’re not forced to wear the full kit on every occasion. Use the track top as a base layer or stick to the track bottoms only.

P.S. ladies this one is for you too.

The Puffer Jacket

A staple of hip-hop culture in the 90s, the chunky silhouette is back with a vengeance. So let your bomber take the backseat for a bit because the padded/puffer jacket is having its 15 minutes of fame right now. Cosy in every sense of the word as we know it, this style is the final touch your outfit needs. Keep it neutral in black or navy; make a statement in a bright colour or in something with a metallic finish.

The Running Shoe

Now is not the time for sleek silhouettes or minimalism. This season is the time to be bold with your choice of kicks: chunky outsoles (even better if they’re translucent) and bold panelling are what you should be craving. Think Nike Vapourmax, Air Max 95, 97 or OG 2 and Reebok’s Instapump Fury. Even Gucci hopped onto the sneaker trend as part of their Cruise 2018 collection…and we all know how they believe in the art of imitation.

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