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Espacio Dios Returns With Latest Single “Pelo” Featuring Maglera Doe Boy

Espacio Dios Pelo

Espacio Dios is a long way from being the ‘bubbling under’ sensation he once was, and is instead a firm fan favourite whose every release is anticipated greatly. Making a case for why that is, one shouldn’t look further than his latest single “Pelo” featuring emcee extraordinaire Maglera Doe Boy. Serving as his first solo release […]

Espacio Dios To Release New Single “Pelo” Next Week Friday

Espacio Dios Pelo

Espacio Dios is preparing to release a new single titled “Pelo” next Friday. The eclectic artist says that the song represents the story of life’s hardships and hope.” “Pelo” will be coming almost a year after Espacio’s highly rated triple release of “Deliverance”, “The Knowing” and “Thlali”, which were all released back in December 2021. Espacio Dios fans can look forward to new music adding […]

Listen to Espacio Dios’ New EP Panorama Route

Espacio Dios Panorama Route

Espacio Dios has a new project out, Panorama Route. Describing his new project, which is his first release under his newly signed global publishing deal with BMG, Espacio Dios says, “A bittersweet journey that I had to endure with myself before I met an extraterrestrial being,” As part of the new project, Espacio Dios released […]

[VIDEO] MUZI goes full on spacey in the music video for his new single “INTERBLAKTIC”.

Muzi Interblaktic

Multi-talented artist MUZI released his first single, “INTERBLAKTIC”  from his forthcoming full length album on 5 May 2021. The single is supported by an eye-catching music video that finds MUZI being carefree, occupying an  open space that is meant to resemble the planet Mars, owing to his intergalactic allusions that populate the song and music […]

MUZI announces his nationwide tour, CHANNEL BLAK

Muzi released his third album, ZENO, late last year and has just made the announcement that he will be starting his own ‘live ting’ and going on a nationwide tour. The tour is set to rep the current wave of modern African music, and while it is headlined by Muzi himself, it also features Darkie […]

2018 – A Revelatory Year for SA Music

Words by Misa Narrates The debate about which year was the “best” or “worst” has begun online. When it comes to music, 2018 has been an interesting time. From 4 track EPs to bloated albums, 2018 was another year of musical contributions wherein a blossoming new school of talent joins the ranks of artists who […]