H&M Announces Collaborative Project With Illustrator Yay Abe

H&M has just announced its collaborative collection with South African illustration studio, Yay Abe. Yay Abe is a multidisciplinary studio founded by Russell Abrahams. His design is usually of a playful nature, with bold motifs and lots of colour. This is the multinational retailer’s third collection with a South African designer, following 2019’s partnership with […]

The Giambattista Valli x H&M collection is finally here

Known as the dressmaker to some of the most glamorous people of the contemporary world, from globetrotting, jet-setting gals to artists and celebrities, the Valli Girls. Giambattista Valli created a feisty collection for H&M that reads like an eclectic recap of his style. He calls it an “abecedario”, apropos, which in Italian means a dictionary. […]

Mantsho x H&M

Palesa Mokubung has collaborated with H&M for their first African designer collaboration; Mantsho x H&M. Previewed at an exclusive launch last night at the Victoria Yards, it’s a first for the renowned designer as well as she hasn’t collaborated with a retailer before. Palesa Mokubung began her career in 2004 with Stoned Cherie at the […]

5 Influencers To Watch Out For in 2018

Words by Tiffany Lekuku I think it is safe to say that by now we are well-versed on the subject of influencers and bloggers, the topic that sparked and continues to ignite many heated debates is finally being recognized as a reputable profession with corporates and the fashion world alike benefiting and seeking some of […]