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Heron Preston presents new collection with H&M

Heron Preston joined H&M last September when the the retail giant announced the designer as the Creative Menswear Advisor. The long-term partnership has now borne fruit with the presentation of their collaborative debut collection. The partnership includes seasonal collections and creative advisory, as well as empowerment of young creative talent, with a circular innovation programme, […]

H&M Announces Collaborative Project With Illustrator Yay Abe

H&M has just announced its collaborative collection with South African illustration studio, Yay Abe. Yay Abe is a multidisciplinary studio founded by Russell Abrahams. His design is usually of a playful nature, with bold motifs and lots of colour. This is the multinational retailer’s third collection with a South African designer, following 2019’s partnership with […]

The Giambattista Valli x H&M collection is finally here

Known as the dressmaker to some of the most glamorous people of the contemporary world, from globetrotting, jet-setting gals to artists and celebrities, the Valli Girls. Giambattista Valli created a feisty collection for H&M that reads like an eclectic recap of his style. He calls it an “abecedario”, apropos, which in Italian means a dictionary. […]

Mantsho x H&M

Palesa Mokubung has collaborated with H&M for their first African designer collaboration; Mantsho x H&M. Previewed at an exclusive launch last night at the Victoria Yards, it’s a first for the renowned designer as well as she hasn’t collaborated with a retailer before. Palesa Mokubung began her career in 2004 with Stoned Cherie at the […]

5 Influencers To Watch Out For in 2018

Words by Tiffany Lekuku I think it is safe to say that by now we are well-versed on the subject of influencers and bloggers, the topic that sparked and continues to ignite many heated debates is finally being recognized as a reputable profession with corporates and the fashion world alike benefiting and seeking some of […]