Balancing Hope With Struggle in Motivational Music

A good story always seeks to strike balance the sunshine and the darkness and sometimes the good story is woven out of the darkness itself. Most great works of art aren’t all sweet, hopeful and funny. From books to films, to comedy, good artists always balance the bright and cheerful with darkness in some way. […]

PUMA and J. Cole release the RS-Dreamer basketball sneaker

PUMA has announced the launch of J. Cole’s first signature basketball sneaker, the RS-Dreamer. The shoe sports a DREAMER logo, about which Cole explains, “When said out loud, all the best dreams sound crazy. Dreamer was created with the belief that, still, we must follow ours, no matter how unachievable they may seem to others.” […]

PUMA x J.Cole release The Sky Dreamer

Yesterday, global sports company PUMA officially announced a multi-year partnership with Grammy-winning artist J.Cole with a short film and TV commercial that was concepted and co-directed by Cole himself.  The theme of the spot speaks to never abandoning one’s dream, despite the obstacles faced or time passed. The commercial was a joint PUMA x Dreamville […]

Hip Hop – Rediscovering its Political Roots

Words by Glenn Kisela Hip hop has a long and storied history with roots deeply embedded within political movements. It has often been used as a medium for storytelling as well as a source of inspiration for the oppressed, specifically with its American origin. Hip hop has rarely strayed from delving into political issues even […]

Exclusive Interview: Dreamville’s Bas

Words by Mercia Tucker Just as soon as I’d entered the Universal Music boardroom, I was engulfed in a bear hug by Bas. He’d performed in three South African cities the week before. I’d assumed the familiarity to be the residual high from his sold out show in Joburg, but as the interview progressed, revealed […]