5 Streetwear Brands to Watch in 2019

Streetwear in South Africa is going through an interesting transition. The mega local brands with national distribution and penetration have made way to smaller brands that serve and satisfy a specific niche. These brands thrive within smaller communities by maintaining a narrative that resonates with their consumer base.  Wholesale business to retailers has been replaced […]

Tshepo the Jeanmaker – Pursuing a Dream

Interview by Tiffany Lekuku Entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart. Many go bankrupt and lose their minds as they try to pursue their passions in the world of business. However, the truly tenacious make it out to other side. Tshepo the Jeanmaker is one budding entrepreneur that is not only set to survive […]

20 SA Fashion Tastemakers to Follow on Social Media

Words by Tiffany Lekuku Oxford Dictionary defines a Tastemaker as, ‘A person who decides or influences what is or will become fashionable.’ Here  at The Plug we are constantly on the look-out and in awe of new and established trailblazers who making an impact in their respective fields and South Africa is one such place […]

RNDM Network takes Spree Style to Durban

Words by Akho Nywebeni Pics – @thesearethestreets The SpreeStyle network headed up the coast, to KZN. The Durban edition was symbolic, as it was RNDM`s first campaign outside the Mother City. Like anything done away from home, it`s never going to be smooth sailing. After a week of culture acclimatization in new surroundings, Rubushe and his […]