Album Review – Shane Eagle’s Never Grow Up

Words by Joey Drumz Anyone familiar with competition as a concept would understand that history tends to favour those who come out on top. Darwinian Theory celebrates the strongest and most capable, while relegating those who remain behind to a regressive oblivion, never to be heard or seen from again. Grim as it may sound, […]

Steers Respek Nation Presents TTGO – The Pitori Invasion

Charismatic rapper, TTGO, rose to fame on The Hustle and is forging an inspired career as a breakthrough act. TTGO represents a fascinating new breed of artists emerging from Pretoria’s creative scene which is cultivating a unique musical identity, distinct Pitori lexicon and cultural ethos. The DNA of the contemporary Pitori artist is invigorating, a […]

Introducing TTGO: Part II

Words: Thabang ‘TipiDang’ Manyelo Photography: Chisanga Mubanga Artist/Model: TTGO Styling: Andile Matomela DEAD. Beautiful Boyz  PieSlovakia&Dance ACT 2 – Rage. Rage is a funny thing. Our first view on rage is that it is destructive. It is menacing. A fireball of fury that obliterates anything in it’s path. I am looking at this anomaly in […]