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Touchline Releases Emotionally Charged EP Before I Say More

Touchline Stogie T

Fan favourite wordsmith Touchline has released his emotionally charged EP Before I Say More. Consisting of six songs, the EP’s sonic make up is bleeding soulful instrumentals that allow Touchline to fully get into his emotional ruminations. Even the change in tempo of some songs like “Somewhere In Between” and “Omuhle” is still underscored by a […]

Touchline and Stogie T Connect on “You Found Me This Way”

Touchline Stogie T

What feels like a long awaited collaboration between one of the young premier MCs in South African hip hop and his OG veteran equivalent who has stood the test of time, has finally surfaced. Touchline has teased a Stogie T collaboration for a while now and their song “You Found Me This Way” has now […]

Touchline drops “19 Flow”

The winner of the People’s Choice Award for the Verse of the Year is closing out 2019 with another project. Dropping “18 Flow” last year, he’s making a habit of feeding the streets as we end off the year. Check out 19 Flow here