[VIDEO] Nasty C Drops “Eazy” Video and tells a story

Nasty C released a new single on Friday and followed it up with a video drop six hours later. Explaining the significance of his sophomore album title to VladTV a month ago, he said, “I was just looking at how important all the relationships that I’ve made before all this shit f*cking mattered, and how they came back to save me. And I was just like ‘OK cool. Shit! I could say “Strings” means that.’ And then the “Bling” side of it just means me being young and shining and just popping my shit. And also because at the time I had enough money to buy a lot of jewellery.”

The first track off his upcoming album Zulu Man With Some Power, he begins “Eazy” by saying “I see you change the way you feel about me when the lights hit my jewellery” with visuals him surrounded with diamonds. As he moves to the latter part of the hook he brings the gems down with a supernatural ability and shatters them, saying “Stress-free I’m moving Eazy.”

There’s a figurative story told with him moving from making it in the industry and surrounding himself with all that glitters in his album Strings and Bling, to starting off Zulu Man with Some Power by rejecting those standards and elevating to god-like status. There’s a line towards the end of the second verse where he says “Frankly I like the sin, I try not to though.” With ‘frank… sin, I try’ being a homonym for Frank Sinatra, [Frank was one of the most influential artists of all time, but whose vices with the mafia were well documented] it feeds into the overarching idea of the god-like musician trying to leave the superficial behind and come into their own power.

The video was directed by Alison Swank, with the styling and creative direction handled by Bee Diamondhead. Travys Owen shot the stills, and the product of that teamwork is the masterpiece video given to us. Check out “Eazy” below.

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