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Worth Checking Out: “The Review” with Misa Narrates

The South African YouTube space is often reduced to being a space of monolithic digital personalities and creators. YouTubers have learned not to argue against naysayers, and instead focus on their communities. Misa Narrates has done the same with the production and success of The Review.  

In the years that she has written for urban culture publications like Hype Magazine, Slikour OnLife and The Plug, she’s developed a healthy relationship with musicians, PR agents, and record label representatives alike. With this, creating a music video series like The Review was possible. Additionally, with the support of Mthandeni Khambule, ensuring that the production of each music video and contributors thereof are acknowledged has been of great value to the conversation around what makes a music video memorable and momentous. 

Season one of The Review primarily focused on local talents like Elaine, Nasty C, and Boity to name a few. In an interview with Bob Perfect, of Almost Perfect, Misa Narrates shared, “Art is created for yourself, it is published for others.” This has been the spirit of The Review, and thankfully, true to her tag line, her viewers have enjoyed. 

Misa has wrapped up production for the first season of The Review and you can check out all episodes here.

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