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Ten Life Lessons I Learned From Stogie T For His 40th Birthday

Stogie T Life Lessons

“I make lines speak to the heart of the darkness, everything’s hidden, unless you’re listening with your conscious, take and revisit them lyrics to feel the content.” The greatest emcee from Africa turns 40 years old today. Boitumelo Molekane was born on 16 August 1981 in Tanzania where his parents were exiled. Since then, the […]

Artists on Apple Music Can Now Celebrate Shareable Milestones With Fans

Apple Music Shareable Milestones

Apple Music will be rolling out a new iOS feature in Apple Music for Artists called Shareable Milestones that will provide artists with the tools to easily share key milestones and successes with their fans on social media directly from the Apple Music for Artists app. Artists love sharing key moments of their careers with […]