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AKA Cassper Braai Show

The Ongoing Braai Show Legal Debacle Adds Another Facet To The Longstanding AKA & Cassper Feud

Rapper AKA finds himself embroiled in yet another controversy. This time it involves a TV show he was a host of in the past, The Braai Show.

According to a letter that was submitted to the SABC, in March 2020 AKA and MakhuduCom Media entered into a partnership to produce content for AKA’’s independent channel called AKA TV. Both parties agreed that the entire copyright and other rights would be jointly vested in the parties.

However in October, MakhuduCom was no longer able to pay for the show and consequently ceded all its rights to Cake Media. The cessation came in exchange of Cake Media settling all outstanding production costs. As a result the agreement now stood between AKA and Cake Media. The Braai Show then moved from airing on AKA TV to being aired on SABC1.

In February 2021, the SABC moved forward with plans for another season of the show. AKA was duly consulted and on board, however due to personal reasons he was unable to continue with his post as the host of the show. It is then that Cake Media approached Cassper to be the host of the upcoming second season of the show.

This is where the debacle starts. According to AKA, he is due to receive 50% entitlement as a joint owner of the venture, and this includes proceeds from the broadcasting channel as well as from sponsorships – brand or otherwise. He also wants appropriate credit as the executive producer of the show. This has culminated with AKA, through Tailor Made Legal Solutions, serving legal action against The Braai Show stakeholders:

Cake Media and MakhuduCom have reiterated that the two entities are the sole executive producers of The Braai Show, and said that they are left with no option but to protect their business interest, saying:

“We have instituted legal proceedings against Kiernan Forbes (AKA) to desist from causing more harm to our brands and business.

“We are confident about our legal position and all will be revealed through legal means”.

Adding that production is continuing.

“We have an obligation to the entertainment loving public, the broadcaster and other stakeholders.”

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