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Ballantine’s Stay True Labs Bringing Heat with Kid Fonque & More

Often, the most authentic conversations happen amongst friends, on a couch in a relaxed setting, whilst sharing a bottle of Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky.

As part of its ongoing Stay True Journey, Ballantine’s will sit down with Kid Fonque, African Ginger and Daev Martin for the brand’s next Stay True Labs couch session in downtown Johannesburg on 25 April 2018.

Stay True Labs is an opportunity for different tribes of artists, creators, producers, designers, inspired people and fans to connect over Ballantine’s Finest. These sit-down sessions give people the chance to make invaluable connections, inspire new ideas, have meaningful discussions and to show how meeting up over a whisky is more valuable than you think. “Ballantine’s believes in the connection that happens when we meet to talk in person, face to face,” says Simone Moita, Ballantine’s Brand Manager.

Ballantine’s chose to collaborate with Kid Fonque, African Ginger and Daev Martin because they share the brand’s Stay True ethos. “Ballantine’s Whisky supports and celebrates artists who refuse to compromise and have the confidence to make music their way, to Stay True to their craft. Ballantine’s is built on the same values that make True Music worth supporting.”

Johannesburg-based DJ, producer and co-owner of the Stay True Sounds label, Allan Nicoll (aka Kid Fonque), is no stranger to doing things his way and supporting up-and-coming talent. This is why he feels the fit with Ballantine’s is just right. “I get excited when brands take an interest in independent music, especially the local music I showcase. While I do have a small platform through which I focus on independent artists on my radio show Selective Styles on 5FM, it’s refreshing to be given the platform of Stay True Labs to really get into why we do what we do,” says Allan.

Producer, musician and co-owner of the Stay True Sounds label, Daev Martian, says: “I’m really excited about being part of the Stay True Labs because such things help elevate our culture and our approach to things as people. I can’t wait for this event and the lessons we will all learn from it.”

Seth Pimentel, aka African Ginger, is a Johannesburg-based all-round artist who works across multi-media: visual art, music, illustration and digital creativity. As part of this Stay True Labs, he is collaborating with Ballantine’s to create a piece of signature art that will become a once-off collectors’ item from the event.

“Stay True Labs is probably the most important thing for any creative in any field,” says Seth. “It gives us the opportunity to understand the creative process. I’m really excited to share my secrets on illustrating for and collaborating with musicians. I’m really honoured to speak to an intimate group of creatives, sharing and bouncing back amazing ideas.”

Stay True Fans – get your tickets

But Stay True Labs wouldn’t be complete without you, the Stay True Fans. Ballantine’s wants you to be as much a part of the conversation as Kid Fonque, African Ginger and Daev Martin. A limited number of tickets will be available to fans who are on their own Stay True Journey, those bedroom producers, backroom designers and behind-the-scenes side hustlers who are making it happen for themselves.

We’re calling you. Sign up for your chance to get a ticket at and tell us what your ‘thing’ is, how you’re backing your own Stay True Journey.

Ballantine’s will capture and curate content from Stay True Labs into a film that will focus on the Stay True conversations from the night. These will be edited into bite-size pieces of content that will be shared across Ballantine’s platforms with those who weren’t at the event.

Ballantine’s Stay True Labs event details

Time: 19:00-23:00

Ballantine’s Finest, snacks and live music will also be on offer.

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