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Old Khaki BROKE

BROKE collaborates with Old Khaki in new collection

Old meets BROKE. What sounds like the opening line to the newest romcom is the coming together of streetwear and lifestyle collective BROKE with the sensible and durable offerings of Old Khaki to imagine a fusion of fashion and culture.

In a hilarious anecdote on Rosebank Mall’s website, Old Khaki says of the brand, “If you were to buy Old Khaki merchandise based on the brand description, then you’d be searching for an identity, and that is very much NOT what Old Khaki is all about. Let’s not kid ourselves. Old Khaki is not magic – our clothing doesn’t mysteriously transform you into someone else. You know who you are (or you should), and choose clothing that allows you to express a personal sense of style.”

That personal sense of style is exactly what BROKE aspire to. They’ve noted that “being BROKE is being rebellious over konforming to expectations.” It’s against that backdrop that the collaboration was born. The brands note that, “Together, they envision a fusion that embodies quality and craftsmanship, reworked classics with a strong focus on attention to detail. They have played with proportions, fabric bases and trims to deliver a cohesive capsule collection that includes elevated wardrobe essentials with a distinctive blue thread that ties the collection together.”

“It was truly amazing to be able to work with likeminded creatives, who didn’t just share the same values as Old Khaki but live them. BROKE have become not just friends, but family of the brand and we look forward to watching their continuous success, said Chad Mansfield from Old Khaki. Andile Dlamini from BROKE added, “our shared commitment to innovation and quality forms the foundation for an unforgettable collaboration.” 

The collection will be launching on the 8th of September and will be available online and in selected Old Khaki stores. 

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