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Come Tees Breaks Into Mainstream Distribution with Converse Collaboration

Founded by Sonya Sombreuil, Come Tees is an LA-based label that operated as an exclusive underground outfit for as long as it’s been in existence. A painter by trade, Sombreuil has been included in many exhibitions showing in New York, Copenhagen and Tokyo. Founding her clothing label in 2009, it began as a vintage garment restoration label before she began screen printing her unique designs onto all the collections’ garments.

So unique is Sombreuil in her approach that all 200 pieces of her limited edition capsule collections are individually printed by her, with no two pieces exactly alike. Her designs became sought after pieces when Rihanna was spotted in her Duppy Conqueror jeans and Kanye West in her Jane’s Addiction longsleeve t-shirt some years ago.

Breaking away from the exclusive nature of her releases, Come Tees has now joined hands with Converse in a new “Realms and Realities” apparel collaboration. The gender-free collection, with a number of elevated basics and a multi-panel Chuck 70, “is designed to put you in touch with yourself with clothing free of constrictions. In this collaboration, the label’s gritty approach takes the Chuck 70 and Converse Shapes collection to another dimension. A dreamworld–untamed.”

With the Chuck 70, Triangle hoodie, Triangle floral t-shirt, Triangle Realms & Realities t-shirt, Triangle front chino and Triangle long short forming part of the collection, you can find them for sale at

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