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Diesel democratises fashion with their FW24 collection

Diesel took to the Milan runway to showcase their FW24 collection. The focus of this season’s show was the democratisation of fashion, revealing what is usually hidden by giving fans access to the behind-the-scenes details to the goings on of runway show prep.

Speaking of the decision, Glenn Martens, creative director of Diesel said, “We are always trying to be alternative in the industry. We belong in Fashion Week, but we are not a classic luxury brand; we are all about lifestyles. And we are about our communities and our friends and our families—so let’s try and bring them in.”

For more than 72 hours before the show, Diesel gave open access to behind-the-scenes areas usually hidden from view. Streaming from five different fixed cameras, anyone with internet access could watch Glenn Martens and his team prepare for the show—in the atelier finalising the collection, with Martens as he fits the models, in the casting, and in the show space as the runway set is being constructed. For the show itself, the set is a live video call with 1000 members of the public around the world who would never usually get front-row access.

 It’s the energy of the collection too: our hidden sides breaking into the open, the inside coming out. “Multiple layers—it’s what we all are,” says Martens.

Denim dominated, in customary Diesel style. Burnt out – as if by a sweat stain – worked material and matted knits were a highlight. There was a distinct emphasis on layering, with Martens saying of the style, “I like it when you don’t get things at first, that make you look again.”

Take a look at the looks below from the Diesel FW24 collection.

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