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G-Star Elwood

G-Star RAW relaunches the G-Star Elwood

G-Star RAW announces the relaunch of their G-Star Elwood jeans. Reintroducing the original 3D design from 1996 to the generation of today.

The G-Star Elwood – with its 3D denim design that catapulted the brand onto the cultural radar back in 1996 – has returned with a fresh update. The iconic piece has adapted to the times while maintaining all the key design elements that made it iconic; the 3D knee patches, heel guard, saddle patch, 45-degree pocket and slanted thigh seams are what give the G-Star Elwood jeans their icon status. 

The Fit

The G-Star Elwood collection offers a diverse range of seven unisex denim jeans styles and comes in two different fits and multiple colorways. The Regular fit preserves the original design details from the very first Elwood from the 90’s, while the Elwood Loose delivers a contemporary, looser fit. The styles are made from a mix of G-Star’s high-quality materials from sustainable Ecru C2C Certified Fabric, to the durable Japanese raw denim fabric.

3D Denim Design 

The 3D denim construction of the G-Star Elwood involves intricate seam work, panels, and pockets tailored to accentuate your body’s natural contours, granting you the ultimate freedom to move effortlessly. This cutting-edge approach is a testament to the brand’s commitment to progressive denim design which has been at the core of the brand since its inception.

The Talent

South Africa at the forefront of dance culture and are now global sensation. G-Star Elwood, known for its dedication to craftsmanship, has been innovatively engineered to create the freedom to express. For the Elwood campaign, the brand has collaborated with renowned dancers to highlight the relationship between dance and denim. The campaign features, choreographer and media personality Bontle Modiselle and Musa Motha, who was recently featured on British Vogue and made headlines after his debut on Britain’s Got Talent for his outstanding dance performance.

Multi-talented dancer and choreographer Bontle enjoys a wide range of street dancing styles. To name a few, there is Sbhujwa, Amapiano, Bhenga (a Gqom dance style), isiPantsula, and Kwassa. Showcasing the effortless freedom of movement and3D silhouette that the G-Star Elwood provides, Bontle believes that dance allows her to express herself. 

Speaking to the campaign, Bontle says “In a world driven by rules of ideas, concepts, opinions on what to do, what not to do, who to be/not be and how to go about it – you can very easily feel stifled, like your growth is stunted and your expression is limited”. She adds, “but dance has always afforded me the ability to be who I want and need to be with no restrictions; rather dance invites me to learn the rules in order to break them and create magic.  Dance has encouraged me to set my own rules.”

Musa fully embodies the G-Star Elwood campaign ethos, which sought to break barriers with the 3D denim design. The 28-year-old amputee dance artist from South Africa continues to defy expectations and break barriers as he paves the way for a more inclusive and diverse performing artist industry. Musa admits that it was difficult for him to break through the creative industry and that he had to overcome many challenges. He says, “I worked hard enough to be recognised and I made sure that I knew what my lane is.”

Bontle is passionate about the South African dance scene and considers South Africans to be the best dancers in the world. She describes the dance scene as soulful.  “Our technique, our musicality, movement and the soul we move with is incomparable. It’s in how we walk and talk. What more when we dance. It’s fluid, with such great range of inclusivity all the way to technical excellence. We dance soul.” says Bontle. 

Both Bontle and Musa are honoured to be a part of the Elwood campaign as they got the opportunity to dance in the G-Star Elwood jeans, showcasing the effortless freedom of movement and 3D silhouette that the G-Star Elwood provides. Musa says “I was comfortable, I had more space and air to move inside the outfit. There were less restrictions.”

Adopted by an up-and-coming generation of creatives and tastemakers, the Elwood has been worn by young people across the world. 

You can shop the G-Star Elwood jeans at

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