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Nasty C Is Africa’s Sole Representative On The Tokyo Olympics Official Song “Colorful”

Nasty C continues to make strides in what’s turning out to be a very fruitful year for him. A recent announcement revealed that the Durban native is the only African artist on the line up of 14 artists from across the globe who have made it onto the official 2021 Tokyo Olympics song, “Colorful”. Taking  to Twitter, he said:

The song is released by Universal Music Japan and its accompanying music video features all the the 14 artists including Japanese girl group Little Glee Monster, singer-songwriter Chikuzen Sato, Motohiro Hata, Taemin, a member of South Korean boyband Shinee, American singer Sabrina Carpenter, as well as the South African rapper.

Ryosuke Imai, the song’s general producer said “This is a song composed for all people regardless of race, gender, generation or national borders. Initially, it was created with the desire to deliver the ties of heart and soul through sports with lively music for the historic Tokyo Olympics.”

Nasty has enjoyed a highly decorated career since he broke out with “Juice Back” back in 2015. He has collaborated with a plethora of international and local artists and capped off his international appeal with a record deal with American legendary label Def Jam Recordings. In the past two years alone, Nasty released a Netflix documentary, Zulu Man In Japan – which chronicled his travels in Japan, he visited the United States, rubbing shoulders with a number of American rappers including Grammy winning rapper Snoop Dogg, and Grammy winning producer Zaytoven. He recently shot the music video for his latest single Jack while in the US and released the music video for his duet with Ari Lennox, “Black and White”.

Each time he soars, Nasty makes the country and hip hop proud and not only are we proud of him for what he has achieved so far, we are all excited to see what he does next.

Listen to “Colorful” below:

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