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Nasty C Jack

Nasty C Maintains His Upward Trajectory With New Single “JACK”

Nasty C released his second single of the year in the form of “Jack”, the reflective and minimalist Flvme produced cut. The airy and sparsely arranged beat spotting a thumping bass, a looped guitar riff and a flute refrain allows Nasty to calmly reflect and look back on a life he acknowledges but wishes to never go back to. The life in question is a life of poverty, marked by bed bugs, roaches, rats and absolutely jack in the fridge and in the bank.

Innovative and yet subtle, “Jack” showcases how brilliant Nasty is as he manages to say a lot through what seems to be little effort. With a runtime of 02:41 and just one verse he touches on how he saw an opportunity and took advantage of it, rapping “Soon as I found me a window I got in where I fit in..”, he shows self-awareness and self-belief, “Can’t be a nobody in my own city, I ride like the mayor, my windows is tinted, these people ain’t playing my songs out of pity, they actually genuinely fucking with me…” and he asserts that does not want to have it easy, “Don’t give me no hall pass, let me figure it out, I’m not a liability, nigga, I hustle like I got a mini-me…”.

The accompanying music video communicates the same sentiments of the song in that it is also a minimalist shot video. It starts out with Nasty pulling up in a chauffeur-driven black Chevrolet Suburban, complete with tinted windows. He walks onto an open space overlooking the city and that’s where most of the scenes in the video are, along with scenes of Nasty alone in the studio cutting presumably “JACK” vocals. There’s a montage in the opening stages of the video, showing the many travels of Nasty, and in it, there’s a sneaky T.I cameo.

Watch and listen to Nasty C “JACK” below:

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