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Nasty C Can't Imagine

Nasty C releases single “Can’t Imagine” ahead of his Ivyson Army Radio Campus Takover

Less than two months since his last release “Stalling”, Nasty C releases another single “Can’t Imagine”. The surprise release comes along with the announcement that he will be embarking on a national campus radio takeover by visiting some of the leading universities in the country and taking over their airwaves.

“Can’t Imagine” is a vicious onslaught on the game and while he mentions no names, the KZN native is certainly talking to these niggas. The hard hitting track spots a thumping bass as the basis of its structure, with a recurring synth throughout. This provides for the perfect background for the talented emcee to get in his bullish bag.

From the onset, he takes aim at those who think are his peers in the game, rapping: “I can’t imagine my kingly self trying to mingle with y’all/ Or talking down on those above me just to fish for applause/ They try to come at me only to have me to zip up their jaws/ I’ll pick their business apart/ I’ll get their children involved/ I should cut them at their knees, I should cripple you all/ I should bury your nigga then tweet “We missing you, dawg!”/ I can’t believe you think we even dawg, your vision is flawed/ I’m in a league where you niggas never existed at all…”

He goes on to illustrate just how different he is, touching on his international travels and accomplishments. What remains through out the song however is the mood Nasty is in – which isn’t a pleasant one at all. Towards the end, he gets snide and raps, “I can’t imagine me at 30 power tweeting in my room about a dude and being so over the moon about it/ While in my bank I’m seeing O’s a lot/ And not the ones we post boast about/ And post about how I’m making a move about it/ Just to be a msun’ about it/ And cross my fingers and just hope he won’t have nothing to do about it…”

The decision to release a song like “Can’t Imagine” as a follow up to the slow ballad “Stalling” ought to be a statement on Nasty’s part – he’s telling all of us that ain’t nothing sweet with him. And he has made his statement emphatically.

Dates for Nasty’s stops are as follows: Any changes will be announced on his social media platforms.

UJ FM – Wednesday, 30 March 2022

TUKS FM – Monday, 4 April 2022

SMU FM – Tuesday, 13 April 2022

UCT FM – Wednesday, 20 April 2022

VUT FM RADIO – Thursday, 28 April 2022

KOVSIE – Wednesday, 4 May 2022

DYR (KZN) – Wednesday, 11 May 2022

More dates are set to be released in due time.

Listen to “Can’t Imagine” below:

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