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Priddy Ugly SOIL

Priddy Ugly releases the title track and music video of his upcoming sophomore album “SOIL”

Priddy Ugly’s intentions are very clear this year, it’s to rap his off. Soon after announcing the date of his sophomore album release, which is 28 July 2021, he has made a pre-order link to the album available, debuting the title track “SOIL” in the process. He has also released an accompanying picturesque music video to boot.

“SOIL” continues the thematic trajectory that Priddy has been on in his music lately in that he makes a genuine attempt at rapping at a high level, while sharing his insights as well as making social commentary in the folds of his verses. He did the same on “A Reminder To You”, “The Pen” and “Spiritual Warfare”.

On “SOIL” he shares ruminations about the place that he’s from – the Motherland. He does this by juxtaposing prominent cities in South Africa with American cities, cleverly using desires of natives from those latter cities wanting to move to the South African cities. He raps “I know some Cali dudes that wanna move to Cape Town, their ancestors are the Africans that  they clown…”, “ I know some dudes from New York that wanna move to Jozi or Pitori…” & “I know some ATL girls that really love Durban…”.

The music video, directed by Fred-From-Yesterday and White-Flame, is as thoughtful as the raps Priddy kicks. In it he is seen at different prominent South African cities, including Soweto, Umlazi and Camps Bay. Present with him in each shot is a lady meticulously plaiting his hair while he kicks his raps. It shows the beauty and diversity of South Africa, with Priddy at the centre, almost as though he is declaring himself the spokesperson of the streets, or rather, of the soil.

Listen to Priddy Ugly’s “SOIL” below and watch the music video here:

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