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Streets is done: The Big Hash and J Molley call it quits on their beef

After piquing our interests last week by easing into their battle, J Molley and The Big Hash took it all the way to the top by firing off a series of tracks to set it off. Hash was a contributor to Stogie T’s Freestyle Friday and his verse had a target that he was directly aiming at. Check out his shots to Molley here.

Not taking it lying down, J Molley let Stogie T know that he was sending an extra verse in the following day and dropped “Pallbearer (The Big Hash Diss)” over the “No Church in the Wild” beat before it transitioned to Khuli Chana’s “Tswa Daar.”

Before the long weekend was done though, Hash hit back with another response of his own and this time he featured Flame. We barely had a chance to breathe as producers and graphic designers worked at record speeds to get these singles out, all for the love of hip hop.

But after a weekend of Genius annotations and Notes App explanations, Hash has officially tapped out of this beef. After a back and forth with Nav Albers (J Molley’s manager), he bowed out with this explanation.

Whatever your thoughts were on which rapper delivered the better shots, it been a dope weekend of listening to rappers do what they do best; push themselves creatively and spar in the contact sport of hip hop.

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