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J Molley releases “I’m Good” and ignites a lyrical battle

J Molley teased a single a few days ago on his social media titled “Deep In The Cut/I’m Good” and released the full track on Soundcloud yesterday. On it he says:

Ironic how these homeboys wanna call my name out for clout
Meanwhile be on the phone calling me tryna hash this shit out
Guess these are life and times we’re living in, typical cycle of the innanet
Cause in person they always backpeddling

After the catalogue battle between Nasty C and Emtee last week, the SA hip hop community seemed to be fired up by all the gems our industry’s produced. When Gemini Major asked about the battles we’d like to see, The Big Hash (in a since-deleted tweet) tagged J Molley, saying “let’s go.”

This also comes after The Big Hash mentioned J Molley in his track “I’m Sorry,” off his joint EP with 808x titled Life + Times 2. On it, he says:

Never cared about the VIP
I’m shooting straight from the hip
Doing all I can for my city don’t wanna end up like Nip, it’s crazy
Look over my shoulder I spot a chip
That shit made me a boss so people don’t give me lip
Paid a fuck nigga respect until I see a slip
I should’ve said that shit when Sway was around me
Carried a coffin big enough to carry Mooz and Molley
No disrespect to anyone, if you offended sorry
Nigga who the fuck gon’ stop me

In the recently revived spirit of battling in SA hip hop, it’s great to see the new wave jump on and body it. Hash, in response to Molley’s single, said today:

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