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K.O Toss Rockabye

Toss solidifies his stature as a rapper with K.O’s Rockabye

If you thought Toss was a one-hit waist-shaking wonder with “Umlando”, “Manca” came along and proved you wrong. If you thought the extent of his ability was simply to provide catchy vocals over piano beats, his freestyle Kabza’s Khusela showed that he has a lot more in his rapping arsenal.

Come the third instalment of K.O’s Skhanda Republic series, Toss has fully dedicated himself to the art of rap. He joins K.O on “Rockabye”, the next single off the album after the release of “Sete” and “Owami” featuring Msaki. “Rockabye”, released on the 26th May, now has a video to accompany it.

Talking of the music video release, Mr Cashtime said, “I think it’s an amazing time because, I just love the fact that in a time where a typical rap songs are getting harder to crack ….we’re shaking up the industry and cracking through the  surface of what music is these days.

“When we teased the song before it came out the traction online went viral, now we have a chance to finally give the official visuals based on how viral the teaser went…it was crazy; now the official video comes out and fans get to see the synergy between myself and TOSS and just how organic and authentic the entire collab was.

“There’s also obviously little quirky things like the dance routine that we do in the video, you know what I mean, like when people actually dance to the song when they hear it and they can incorporate some of those dance moves that we choreographed in the video.

“So yeah, I think it’s time for the actual picture to be painted, the audio did its thing now it’s time for the video to take it to the next level.”

Check out the video for K.O’s “Rockabye” featuring Toss below.

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