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10 Fashion Trends To Look Out For in 2018

Words by Tiffany Lekuku

Copenhagen kicked off this year’s fashion week season in sheer style. This was the largest fashion event in the Nordic region and the second year that they have showcased on the global stage since joining the string of fashion festivities. The street-style looks were bursting with bold colors, eccentric patterns and stylish layering that inevitably trickled down to this past week’s New York Fashion Week. With NYC Fashion Week drawing to a close and many fashionaistas dashing off to the next destination, London, it’s safe to say the public got an idea of what fashion trends we should be keeping our eyes on this year. Here are 10 of our favourite.

1. Ultraviolet 

Named the 2018 Pantone color of the year, we have spotted glimpses of it at Copenhagen Fashion week and you can expect the colour to gain more prominence as the seasons engulf us. From mixing and matching it with accessories to wearing it as a statement outfit, it is one color that does the talking for itself.

2. Power Shoulder

Straight from the office to a dinner party this is one timeless trend that many fashionistas and brands stick to simply because it works and makes for an effortless outfit that still looks great. As seen across all fashion platforms, this is one trend that will always stand the test of time.

3. Satin

As New York Fashion Week drew to a close, this proved to be another timeless favorite that is both flirty and subtle. Satin brings out the feminine side out of you and is perfect for any occasion. Its delicate material is perfect to accentuate your figure whilst simultaneously being light, easy and comfortable to wear.

4. Puffers

This is a winter favorite and one that has proved to work for the past few years; with many brands getting innovative with designs, there seems to be many options to choose from to suit your style.

5. Gender Fluid Clothing

There has been a lot of talk and debate around the lack of diversity in the fashion world and one of the hot topics is gender fluid clothing. The debate around introducing it into retail stores and also identifying it solely as a trend has caused a much heated debate. Over the past few years we have started seeing many celebrities break their silence and gender norms. Jaden Smith who is known for taking bold fashion risks has been spotted on many occasions expressing his gender fluid fashion choices. Lil Uzi Vert rocking a pink Goyard bag and Harry Styles in a Gucci heeled boot are prime examples of the celebrities expressing themselves in this manner.

6. Statement Heels

The lyrics ‘These shoes were made for walking’ tie in so perfectly with this fun and bold trend. Now, not only do your shoes say so much about you but it’s written all over them too. From quirky quotes to just outright questionable and often amazing designs, statement heels just keeping getting better and are a very fun conversation starter at parties.

7. Yellow

Be it pastel or rich earth tones, yellow has stood strong for the past 3 years as a favorite and go-to colour amongst serious fashion enthusiasts. The easy-to-wear color compliments every skin tone and can be worn across all seasons which is a plus.

8. News Boy Hat

The Beret craze hasn’t died down and for those looking to expand their hat collection, the newspaper boy hat trend is just as chic and easy to pull off. From Androgynous to Parisian style, this is one for everyone and can cross over from day to night look effortlessly.

9. Statement Belts

A personal favorite, simply because it gives your outfits that extra touch. Statement belts have been splattered all over our social media feeds for the past year and the most infamous one being the Gucci Belt. Whether dressed down with your favorite pair of jeans or using it as an accessory to tie together your layered outfit, this trend has shown how easy, practical and fun it is to dress up and it’s showing no signs of fading out.

10. Clear Accessories

Shown all over A/W18 Chanel runway, this has been one trend that comes and goes but gets better every time it makes a debut. From clear belts to a fashionistas favorite, the clear clutch bag, this is just one of many of the trends that make fashion that much more enjoyable and easy to access.

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