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Afropunk JHB – A Celebration of Artistry & Individuality

Words by Caron Williams

Afropunk Joburg was a phenomenal experience. It goes without saying that the talent presented during the festival was incredible, but the level of artistry witnessed on that stage was truly out of this world. From Petite Noir’s amazing indie set, Sho Madjozi pulsating performance which invigorated every single person in the audience, to Nakhane Toure’s trance inducing musical showcase, Afropunk Joburg highlighted the incredible, world class talent we have here in South Africa. Andersan .Paak’s performance was out of this world, for a country primary focused on traditional hip hop and house, it was beautiful to witness South Africans celebrate diverse artists who offer unique voices.

Beyond phenomenal musical talent, another magical part of Afropunk Joburg was their ability to create an environment where people are able to celebrate themselves and each other in such creative and individual way. I’d never quite witnessed anything like it. From the Hunters Edge marquee to the activations and stage area, the energy pulsating throw the crowd was one of mutual respect and joy. Music at its best is communal, Afropunk  Joburg was the epitome of it.

A big theme for Afropunk Joburg and Hunter’s Edge was that of Reinvention. They’ve redefined how I, and many other music lovers, experience live music events and celebrate ourselves unapologetically. I’m inspired to reinvent myself this year, to reinvent what expression looks like and how I immerse myself into new musical spaces.

2018 – the year of reinvention xx

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