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Dipstreet Invades Parkhurst

Words by Azola Mona

One of South Africa’s favorite concept streetwear and sneaker bars, DIPSTREET, is at it again.  On the 15th of Feb, after 3 months in the making and 15 months after the execution of a full rebrand and the relocation of their flagship in Braamfontein- which included enhancements, such as a bigger space, better shopping experience and even better products from its original location, DIPSTREET has now launched an even bigger space with their second store in Johannesburg, Gauteng.  

A major contrast from the main store location, which is in the heart of the central business district’s creative melting pot (82 Juta Street) – the new branch is situated in Parkhurst’s main drag, 4th Avenue. Renowned for its multitude of high street stores, watering holes and eateries – DIPSTREET’s new area code, No 19, 4th Avenue, is undoubtedly a prime location. The dynamic nature of the area offers the DIP team a platform to tap into a plethora of possibilities when it comes to brand extensions- both from a consumer and lifestyle perspective.

The new space is in line with the main store’s design elements, featuring brightly lit white walls accented by black display furniture and decor elements, not to mention the potted green ferns to tie up the overall minimalist aesthetic. The main attraction of the store is a front facing oversized sneaker wall that can be seen from the sidewalk displaying all the freshest sneaker drops from coveted brands such as adidas, Nike, Asics & New Balance to name a few. Maintaining its passion for local streetwear brands, in stock on the clothing side is Sho Madjozi’s new T-shirt line, some Sol Sol and of course in-house DIPSTREET pieces, all in limited quantities. The store also stocks accessories such as caps and sunglasses.

The launch event itself was well attended by friends and family of the DIP STREET brand, who were very eager to interact with the new space, there were also a few walk-ins from assumed ‘regulars’ in the neighbourhood who came to check out what the fuss was about. A key feature to note in the new space is the outside garden area where most of the attendees mingled. The large back yard-esque area is where the good people at D’usse were set up to keep the guests well-lubricated. Currently a blank canvas, the outside area has potential to be turned into almost anything and can be used as a possible event/chill area. The overall vibe on the night was quite laid back, with music by Chuck Tailored, Bhibo and Hannibal for the ambiance.

We caught up with store owner Tusa Mamba to chat about the store’s new location.

Q: How did you find the new location, and why Parkhurst?

A: It was more of a response to feedback we’d been getting from a lot of clients who weren’t really up for the drive to Braam and spending decent free time in Parkhurst and saw the opportunity for a space with our kind of product

Q: The new DIPSTREET space is quite the blank canvas, in terms of introducing more of a lifestyle element to what you already have going. Was this a driving factor when choosing the new location?

A: Yes it was . We have a few concepts which will go well with achieving our goals of contributing and growing the sneaker and streetwear culture in SA and also bring in an active lifestyle aspect into the business which I think is an important part of today’s youth. It’s also nice to have an actual landmark for Joburg doing the damn things like Pigalle, Undefeated etc. These are things that will work with a lot of brand activations we can’t do at the Braamfontein store.

Q: Will there be any differences with regards to the merchandise that will be stocked in the flagship store and the new store?

A: Not necessarily. The core product will remain the same . Just some premium brands or product selections which we’ll be phasing in at a later stage . This isn’t to say that we will neglect one store or the other . They will both have their own unique flavor and exclusives

Q: As the DIPSTREET brand evolves, what kind of clothing do you see yourself making in the next few years?

A: Clothing driven by comfort, quality that speaks to the youth and pushes boundaries on a global scale

Q: What can we look out for this year from DIPSTREET as a brand?

A: A few drops for the 1st half we’re pretty excited about and almost done with. The underwear, Hannah collection and essentials. They’ll be LOTS of stuff in between as well.

For more information on the new store & any exciting news on the brand follow @DIPSTREET on Twitter and IG.

Pics courtesy of DIPSTREET.

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