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Riky Rick Departs From Mabala Noise

After recent speculation following his speech at the Metro FM awards, Riky Rick has that confirmed he is no longer part of Mabala Noise. “I didn’t think about the consequences or who would get mad. I just wanted to do the right thing. Inspire the kids to not be slaves to THEM,” explains Riky.  “At this point they have taken back what they think makes me happy. They have threatened the future of me and my family. They want us gone,” Riky further explained in a statement on Twitter. “After long prayer and conversation with God, I am no longer part of Mabala Noise. Blessings to everyone there. Thank you for the love.” 

Mabala Noise has not released a statement on Riky’s departure.

Revisit out cover story with Riky Ricky below:

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