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Money Badoo Releases Debut Album PORN$TAR

Money Badoo PORN$TAR

After a string of well-received singles that include songs like “All My Friends”, “MK Ultra” and “LIL BIH (Remix)”, Money Badoo has finally released her debut album, audaciously titled PORN$TAR. The album was preceded by the Rickey Tyler assisted single “47K$” released in 2021. The second single “PI$TOL POP” was released on April 14, 2022 […]

South Africa’s Best Dressed Rappers

Words by Tinuke Eboka Fashion and music have always been inextricably tied but this connection has become more significant as the explosion of streetwear meant rappers were able to take centre stage, not only as influencers, but even as designers in their own right. Today, rappers are more than just mere musicians but rather cultural […]