Listen to DJ PH’s New Song “Entlek” Featuring Sizwe Alakine, Emtee and Phantom Steeze

DJ PH Entlek

DJ PH has assembled yet another posse in his latest single “Entlek”, which delivers what could potentially be a summer scorcher. With features from Sizwe Alakine, Emtee and Phantom Steeze, “Entlek ” repurposes and interpolates theTKZee Family’s hook from their smash hit “Fella Kae”. “Entlek” also uses the same sample the aforementioned song used, which […]

Balancing Hope With Struggle in Motivational Music

A good story always seeks to strike balance the sunshine and the darkness and sometimes the good story is woven out of the darkness itself. Most great works of art aren’t all sweet, hopeful and funny. From books to films, to comedy, good artists always balance the bright and cheerful with darkness in some way. […]

4+20 Songs to Roll Up and Blaze To on 4/20

4+20 Songs for 4/20

Today is 4/20! Man, who would’ve known that the exploits and escapades of five high scholars from California in the 70s would start a worldwide “holiday” observed by multitudes of weed aficionados the world over? Well, I’m pretty sure half of you reading this are already levitating off the high and aren’t interested in thinking […]

Nasty C and Emtee battle it out in the latest “Revolution of Hip Hop” IG live

“The Revolution of Hip Hop” Instagram Live battles began a few weeks ago with Gemini Major and Tweezy going head to head. After Makwa and Lunatik took up the reins last week, Nasty C and Emtee had their own version last night. Facilitated by Gemini and Tweezy, theirs follows the wave of artists bringing entertainment […]

Priddy Ugly – E.G.Y.P.T Album Review

Words by Sizwe Ray Shabalala In 2012, Priddy Ugly released his first debut solo project titled The Ugly Truth. However, I only caught wind of it at the end of 2013/early 2014 by chance. His single Hunnids spent a short time on my playlist back in 2015. It wasn’t until 2016 when he dropped You […]

[VIDEO] AKA Drops ‘Caiphus Song’ Video

We had a chat with AKA about the inspiration behind the official music video to his smash hit, Caiphus Song. Check out the full interview and music video below. Q: What inspired the music video’s concept? A:  The video is a wedding. The record is a wedding song. I always take my direction from the content […]

Gemini Major Drops Bando

Listen to Gemini Major’s brand new single called Bando featuring Emtee and Frank Casino. Check out our full interview with Gemini here, where he discusses his career, forthcoming album, reasons for leaving Family Tree and his partnership with Da L.E.S.