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Molley And The Mountain: The Making Of An Album

Nobody expects a viral moment, it sort of just happens. Think back to Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio episode that gave us the viral quote “TO FREEDOM”. Or more locally, recall J Molley’s first single on Soundcloud amassing over 10,000 streams in its first month. That was a viral moment that changed the rest of J […]

Streets is done: The Big Hash and J Molley call it quits on their beef

After piquing our interests last week by easing into their battle, J Molley and The Big Hash took it all the way to the top by firing off a series of tracks to set it off. Hash was a contributor to Stogie T’s Freestyle Friday and his verse had a target that he was directly […]

J Molley releases “I’m Good” and ignites a lyrical battle

J Molley teased a single a few days ago on his social media titled “Deep In The Cut/I’m Good” and released the full track on Soundcloud yesterday. On it he says: Ironic how these homeboys wanna call my name out for cloutMeanwhile be on the phone calling me tryna hash this shit outGuess these are […]

New Age Managers – Naverone Albers

Words by Sanele Mawisa In today’s ever evolving world, everyone has to keep up to speed, and adapt to a society where the only constant is change. Everything that once was, is now different and how we navigate that space is crucial to becoming successful, in life and in our careers. The impact that the […]

Interview: DJ SuperNova

DJ SuperNova has enjoyed an illustrious career spanning over 10 years. Of Dominican decent, the Bronx native emerged from the birth place of hip hop set to make an indelible mark on the game. Fascinated by the South African hip hop scene and passionate about sharing his fascination with others, SuperNova embarked on documenting this […]

Should Artists Still Sign To Record Labels?

Words by Caron Williams Jay Z released his triumphant 13th studio album, 4:44, last year and dropped countless gems as he has since his Reasonable Doubt days. One of the most fascinating parts of the album was his commentary on wealth, financial freedom, ownership and navigating the pitfalls of the music industry. On the melodic […]

[VIDEO] J Molley Drops ‘Never Know’ Video

New Age artist, J Molley, has dropped the official music video for his hit track Never Know. The melodic track is accompanied by dope visuals that encapsulates the zeitgeist of the new age cultural movement. Directed by J Molley & ZeeTakesNicePictures, as well as edited and graded by J Molley, the Never Know video serves as […]

Steers’ Respek Nation presents J Molley – The New Wave

J Molley is different. And by that I’m not referring to the fact that he’s a white kid in a game dominated by black rappers. The Internet Boy, as he is fondly known by his peers, is an extremely bright kid. Nerdy even. The home-schooled rapper waxes lyrical about everything from cartoons to business to […]