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Ego Will Be The Death of SA Hip Hop

SA Hip Hop Dead

At this point, it’s almost an old adage that hip hop is a young man’s sport. While a few anomalies exist, in the form of active rappers in their 40s and 50s who are actually still great and relevant, the median age of rappers and hip hop participants is generally between the ages of 20-somethings […]

HHP, The Unsung Lyricist

HHP Lyricist

September 14th – two of some of hip hop’s greatest lyricists were born on this day. The one was born in 1973, in Crown Heights, central in the Brooklyn borough of New York and went on to spend a better part of his life in the Queensbridge projects. The other was born seven years later, […]

Ten Life Lessons I Learned From Stogie T For His 40th Birthday

Stogie T Life Lessons

“I make lines speak to the heart of the darkness, everything’s hidden, unless you’re listening with your conscious, take and revisit them lyrics to feel the content.” The greatest emcee from Africa turns 40 years old today. Boitumelo Molekane was born on 16 August 1981 in Tanzania where his parents were exiled. Since then, the […]

Hersh Is Finding Peace Of Mind Somewhere In Cape Town

Hersh Peace of Mind

If someone tweeted a candle emoji next to the words “Cape Town,” it would be well understood that being in the Mother City would be a dream come true. For singer and songwriter Hersh, creating music in Cape Town, celebrating the talent of his city, and the love he shares in his relationship have informed […]

Ranking The 30 Best Khuli Chana Songs

Khuli Chana is enjoying a second act of sorts. All within the first half of 2021, he has had two pivotal moments already. His towering performance on Stino Le Thenny’s “Mshimane 2.0” alongside K.O. as well as the release and subsequent success of his latest single “Buyile” Ft. TylerICU, Stino Le Thwenny & Lady Du. […]

Farewell, the great Village Pope

Tsepo Tshola, the Lesotho master musician whose music underscored our celebratory times and offered a warmth of solace in our periods of grief has died. “I’m a son of a preacher and a prayer woman. They got married on stage. I’ve got all of this love of music and love of God from my parents. […]

Remembering PRO: Where Mortality Meets Legend

PRO Mkhize Mortality Legend

“I know I’m a ghetto superhero, fede nami ngina ma phutha, but I’m more Steve Biko for my people, than I am Martin Luther…” – PRO, ‘Makasana’ Linda ‘Pro’ Mkhize is a once in a lifetime talent. An emcee so rare that even past his prime, his enduring impact and legacy has lived through the […]

Balancing Hope With Struggle in Motivational Music

A good story always seeks to strike balance the sunshine and the darkness and sometimes the good story is woven out of the darkness itself. Most great works of art aren’t all sweet, hopeful and funny. From books to films, to comedy, good artists always balance the bright and cheerful with darkness in some way. […]

4+20 Songs to Roll Up and Blaze To on 4/20

4+20 Songs for 4/20

Today is 4/20! Man, who would’ve known that the exploits and escapades of five high scholars from California in the 70s would start a worldwide “holiday” observed by multitudes of weed aficionados the world over? Well, I’m pretty sure half of you reading this are already levitating off the high and aren’t interested in thinking […]