The Innovation of Dreams

“I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am rich, I am that [redacted],” in the words of Yung Baby Tate. When “I Am” dropped in 2020, we needed something to

Worth Checking Out: SOFT’s The Wooden Stool

When a song is newly available on streaming services, listening and discussing the release is commonplace. At that point, we’re considering the technical, limited to commentary on what is on

The New Wave’s new normal

In its evolution, hip hop’s newer entrants are taking the genre in a different direction. Misa Narrates defines and interrogates the “New Wave” in 2020. South Africa’s hip hop community

Injayethu uSliqe on his new album

Gospel is king in the South African music lover community, even the SA hip-hop legend Sliqe agrees. He shared this a moment before sitting down to discuss the past two